Rimworld Multiplayer is an open-source, community driven mod to implement multiplayer into RimWorld. The mod is unofficial, and in no way endorsed by Tynan or Ludeon Studios. We are just a bunch of internet denizens, passionate about the game.

Discord Server

Our official discord server is our primary method of communication. It is the best way to stay up to date on updates, check mods, and contact the developers of Rimworld Multiplayer. We also have LFG channels were you can group up to play with other players.

Piracy Policy

We do not ban or restrict access from the mod or the discord if someone is using a pirated person of the game. Most staff members however will ghost you if you mention you are using a pirated version of the game. It is frowned upon to pirate Rimworld, but we’re not monsters.


We don’t accept donations as a project anymore but if you’re feeling generous then these are people who have contributed to the mod’s development and upkeep.

Zetrith - (Creator, Core, Support) - https://ko-fi.com/zetrith

NotFood - (Core, Mod Compatiblity, Compatibility Commissions) - https://ko-fi.com/notfood

Sokyran - (Core, Mod Compatiblity, Compatibility Commissions) - https://ko-fi.com/sokyran

Nebual - (Core) - https://ko-fi.com/Nebual

Thomas107500 - (Mod Compatiblity) - https://ko-fi.com/thomas107500

Luz - (Support/Admin) - https://ko-fi.com/llavorre

Mistress Mia - (Support/Admin) - https://ko-fi.com/miaamakiir

Swept - (Support/Admin/Website) - https://ko-fi.com/swept