Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the mod dead?

A: No. There will be a formal announcement if the mod ever dies. No-progress does not mean the death of the mod. The mod is developed by the community, who all have lives outside of the mod. If you want something in the mod so badly, code it yourself! We review and merge any constructive PRs.

Q: How can I contribute?

Check out our Contributing Guidelines and then check our documentation for more developer focused information on the mod. The best way to get in contact with fellow developers is on the #modders channel on our discord.

Q: Where can I find documentation on the mod?

A: Detailed Documentation can be found on our HackMD Wiki.

Q: How can players connect to each other?

A: Players can connect through Steam, LAN, or Direct. To use direct connect, portforward 30502 through UDP or use a VPN like Hamachi.

Q: Is there PVP?

A: No. Currently everyone is playing in the same faction cooperatively.

Q: Does Royalty work/Does everyone need it?

A: Royalty mostly works (minus one quest) however if you are to use it, both the host and clients need to have it installed.

Q: Can mods be used in multiplayer?

A: Yes, but not all mods will work in multiplayer. We have many resources for determining which mods work with Multiplayer. The best way to find out which mods work is looking at our spreadsheet.

0 is untested, 1 is not working, 2 is major issues, 3 is minor issues, and 4 is no issues and working fine.

Q: What kind of mods are compatible?

A: Most mods coded in XML are usually compatible with Rimworld Multiplayer. Mods coded in C# need to be manually checked and will probably not work without compatibility patches.

Q: What is a save replay?

A: A multiplayer save game. (These can not be loaded in SP)

Q: How can I change my in-game name?

A: Your name can be changed under Options > Mod Settings > Multiplayer > Show Settings.

Q: Can I play singleplayer with the mod enabled?

A: Yes, this should not cause any problems even with a lot of other mods enabled even if they are marked as incompatible.

Q: Which RimWorld version should I be using?

A: Always play the latest unless otherwise stated.

Q: What is the maximum amount of players that can be in a game?

A: We recommend 8 players max, but there is no hardcoded limit.

Q: Can I make a dedicated server?

A: No.

Q: Why does simulating take so long?

A: Simulations takes place from the last autosave made, so if you make a full save from the ESC menu it’ll eliminate the simulation time. The same applies to resyncing, so if the host forces a full save before someone resyncs it will also remove their simulation time.

Q: Is this mod fully vanilla compatible?

A: Mostly, however currently there are a few features that don’t work in multiplayer. Faction renaming, and some caravan events are disabled. Since Royalty has a ton of quests, some of them might not have been checked and might desync. Report them in our discord server if this happens.

Q: How do I convert a Multiplayer game back to Singleplayer?

A: Currently this will result in a save that can’t be converted back to Multiplayer without corruption, this however can still be used in Singleplayer. This can be done by hitting ESC while in game and selecting “Convert to Singleplayer”.

Q: How to clean a dirty core folder?

A: This can help you if you’re having trouble loading Rimworld or in resolving Desync issues. Go to your Rimworld install folder delete the Data folder. Then, verify Rimworld’s game files in Steam.

Q: Can I donate?

A: If you’re feeling generous then these are the people who have contributed to the mod’s development and upkeep:

NotFood: (Core, Mod Compatiblity, Compatability Commissions)

Nebual: (Core)

Sokyran: (Mod Compatiblity, Compatability Commissions)

Thomas107500: (Mod Compatiblity)

ZoeyVS: (Support)

Mistress Mia: (Support)