Update 0.4.8 | API Release

NotFood made an API, and patched a whole load of mods in the process.

API Release

Thanks to NotFood the API for Rimworld Multiplayer has finally been released with Update 0.4.8. Hopefully this will streamline the process for external mod creators to make their mods compatible with Rimworld Multiplayer.

The documentation for the multiplayer mod can be found here.


Mod Compatibility

Rimworld Multiplayer now has a separate multiplayer compatibility mod. In short, this mod is a collection of different patches for other mods to make them work with Rimworld Multiplayer. You can find a full list of which mods it patches on its github page

Feel free to submit any patches you’ve made as PRs. They’ll be reviewed and most likely added if they are functional.



  • Comms console fix
  • Scheduled Incidents fix (Ransoms etc.)
  • Full Cross OS Compatibility
  • NPE fix for all assign Windows
  • Removed autoclean changes to repo
  • DNS Resolution
  • Savedata folder command line option is passed to the Arbiter
  • Major Translation Updates

The protocol version is now 17.