Website Online

We have a sorta-functional website now. Hoorah. Many thanks to PJB, who suffered my many questions and Silver who helped me get things working in Cloudflare.


Why a website?

Most might think a website is a little overkill for a Rimworld Mod. It probably is, but it was an opportunity for me to learn about websites so I spun this up with help from friends. The website was created in order to have a better distribution platform than Discord for patch notes, download links, and general information about the project all coagulated in one place. This should be helpful for countries that block Discord, or people who don’t have it altogether. With everything we do, the repo for the website is public on our org page.

Hopefully I should be able to port all of our tools like the modchecker and modlist website onto this site.

I’ve spent some time rewriting old patchnotes and hotfixes into blog posts like this one, just for the sake of archiving.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports specific to the website, just @ Swept in the #suggestions channel on Discord, and i’ll be happy to take a look.