Update 0.7 | RimWorld 1.4 and Biotech

The newest update brings a number of quality of life improvements and compatibility with RimWorld 1.4 and the Biotech expansion.

(Remember that DLCs are treated like mods and everyone has to have them installed. You should disable them to play with someone who doesn’t own them.)

This update comes much faster than the 1.3/Ideology one as there are no major additions to the mod itself. I did add a few minor quality of life features though.

Note that while vanilla games are pretty stable now, mod support for 1.4 is still a work in progress. For now I recommend sticking to 1.3 for modded playthroughs (downgrade RimWorld to beta version-1.3-latest on Steam) and watching the Multiplayer Compatibility project.


  • Update to 1.4 and the Biotech expansion
  • New time control options: Lowest wins and Host only
  • Option to auto-pause on certain events
  • Game passwords
  • Separate “Multiplayer” section in key config
  • Better descriptions of some hosting and config options
  • Fix def mismatches caused by differing file order
  • Fix errors when multiple players reinstall a building
  • Fix players appearing twice in the player list
  • Fix choosing dev tools with the Enter key
  • Update German translation (thanks to Maxsiom)

Please make detailed issue reports of any bugs you encounter.

Many thanks to Sokyran for doing the bulk of updating to 1.4 and all beta-testers!

If you’d like to support the project, you can find links to our team members' donation pages at: https://rimworldmultiplayer.com/about/#donations