Update 0.8 | Performance improvements

A new Multiplayer update has been released improving performance and fixing many bugs.


  • Performance in multiplayer should now be on par with singleplayer
  • The game tries to tick at the speed of the slowest player
  • Remove the aggressive ticking option
  • Pings now make a sound on the receiving end too
  • Update LiteNetLib to
  • Multiplayer ticks the game once every time it reloads a save (e.g. when creating a joinpoint). This tick is now included in desync traces which might help with sorting out desyncs in some rare cases.
  • Hover over player in chat to see average frame time
  • Hover over ticks behind square to see average map TPS
  • Option to save full replay when in dev mode
  • (Technical) The server now runs at 30 tps (from 60 tps)
  • (Technical) Use a custom assembly loader to simplify loading dependencies
  • Synced gene bank interactions
  • Sync bill pawn restriction by pawn type
  • Synced genepack auto load gizmo
  • Fix config files marked as added not being synchronized by “Fix and restart”
  • Fix player list breaking when players rejoin
  • Fix issues with 32 bit systems
  • Fix pawn sleeping bug and some other related ones in async time
  • Fix subcore/ripcore scanner gizmos
  • Fix auto selection of travel supplies
  • Updated translations: German, Ukrainian, Polish and Chinese Simplified (thanks to respectively, Maxsiom, zahorniak, Sairento-92, mmmhj2)

If you’d like to support the project, you can find links to our team members' donation pages at: https://rimworldmultiplayer.com/about/#donations

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