Update 0.9 | Multifaction

Version 0.9 brings the long awaited multifaction update to Multiplayer.


  • Multifaction gameplay beta
    • New “Multifaction” option when hosting
    • Connecting players can create their own factions
      • Customize the starting ideology (for now only by choosing a preset)
      • Choose crashlanding pawns (support for custom scenarios is a planned feature)
    • Different player factions have their own research, zones, areas, work priorities etc.
    • Click on pawns of other factions to set faction relations (Neutral/Hostile)
  • Dropped support for RimWorld 1.2
  • Performance should be slightly improved
  • Fix applying the mod list with “Fix and restart”
  • Fix issues with desync tracing and latest Harmony
  • Fix desyncs related to autosaving and battle log
  • Fix clicking on files in save list sometimes not working

To enable multifaction, toggle it while hosting a save (I recommend also activating async time together with it). For now, once it’s toggled, it can’t be disabled.

Compatibility with other mods is largely untested and, for now, the mod checker includes no information on multifaction though this will change over time.

Performance-wise, multifaction should be the same as co-op with multiple maps on previous versions. This means that, currently, having more than 2-3 faction bases on a planet is going to impact performance significantly long-term.

Co-op gameplay with multifaction disabled should be unaffected by the update. Please make reports if you encounter any issues.

If you’d like to support the project, you can find links to our team members' donation pages at: https://rimworldmultiplayer.com/about/#donations